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Nimbin Chamber of Commerce (NCoC) has been revitalised!

PO Box 433, Nimbin NSW, 2480

The Chamber is for all businesses not just the main street business. The recently amended aims are

1.     The chamber's principal aim is an association representing the interests of persons and entities engaged in economic activity in the Nimbin Area.

2.     The chamber seeks to promote and further economic activity in the Nimbin area.

3.     The chamber recognises that Nimbin is a unique area and as such recognises that economic activity should be appropriate and sustainable.

4.     The chamber recognises that social and economic wellbeing of local residents are interconnected and that the chamber is principally with the promotion of the economic wellbeing of the Nimbin area.

5.     The chamber is to provide a forum for members to deal with issues affecting the members and where appropriate take action in the interest of the members as a whole.

6.     The chamber seeks to assist and promote the establishment of appropriate economic activities by providing support, mentoring and advice.

7.     The chamber seeks to promote employment and training in the Nimbin area.

8.      The chamber will actively seek either in its own right or in conjunction with other appropriate entities, grants or other sources of funding to further the aims of the chamber or the economic and social development of Nimbin.

The membership criteria has been extended

All persons or entities engaged in economic activities in the Nimbin Valley shall be eligible for membership.

Persons or entities from outside the Nimbin Valley that can demonstrate an appropriate economic connection are eligible for membership.

Keep this important part of Nimbin Alive through your support.

Your membership makes for a vibrant Chamber representing our issues with one voice.


Adopted 23/11/09

Download Nimbin Chamber of Commerce Files

Nimbin Chamber of commerce Agenda for 16th April 2011 Meeting. (PDF File 31.9Kb)
Nimbin Chamber of Commerce Minutes of 18th April 2011 Meeting. (PDF File 66.2Kb)


Strategic Plan, Nimbin Murals Renovation and Renewal Project



The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce considers the Murals of Nimbin to be an intrinsic part of the village character and their upkeep is essential to the streetscape and village amenity.

The Chamber has developed a Draft Murals Strategic Plan for the maintenance and continuing development of the murals.

The Chamber invites any interested parties to make comment and / or submissions in writing regarding the draft plan.

The Draft Plan can be downloaded at the "Download File" button here below.


Comments and submissions can be made by email through the website or by letter addressed to
the Nimbin Chamber of Commerce PO Box 433, Nimbin NSW 2480

Download Nimbin Chamber of Commerce Files

Download the Murals Restoraton Project Strategic Plan. (PDF File 2.82Mb)

Nimbin Murals Renovation Fundraiser

Donate to Nimbin Mural Project
Help preserve and renew the Nimbin murals – central to Nimbin’s distinct image and its strong sense of community identity. You can assist in preserving Nimbin Murals by making a donation trough the direct payment system with PayPal; or make a direct deposit to: "Mural Fund Account" at Summerland Credit Union- BSB 802222 Account No 22279160 (For SCU transfers Surname "Nim")

Everything "Made in Nimbin"


PO Box 433, Nimbin NSW, 2480




New “Made in Nimbin” labels available


The Nimbin Chamber of Commerce is proud to introduce a new labelling system for everything “Made in Nimbin”. We feel that by introducing this system, we will be able to give to the wider Community a greater knowledge of all things which have been created, crafted or produced locally. We believe that by identifying our local products with the “Made in Nimbin” label, we will in the long run give to our Community a greater sense of pride and some tangible economical benefits.


Nimbin is not only a place of magnificent landscapes, rolling hills, majestic volcanic rock formations and lush rainforests, it is also a place of awakening where people of different cultures mingle and we inspire them to explore different lifestyles, the land rewards its carer with a wide bounty of produce and artistic pursuits.


Nimbin is a place rich in culture and inspiration; it has been for a long time a cradle for renowned artists and new emerging ones, others are dedicated to manage the land with sustainability in mind; all of them deserve to be supported and foster a higher level of recognition for their efforts. 


We would like to encourage all our local businesses in supporting this project by purchasing and using this labelling system in all the products which are clearly and indisputably “Made in Nimbin”.


To order the “Made in Nimbin” labels please contact:

Peter Hughes ( Nimbin Tax & Accounting ) Ph: 6689 0470 or email:

1 sheet with 155 labels at $6.00

2 sheets with 310  labels at $10.00



National Broadband Network (NBN)

National Broadband Network (NBN)

Recently Nimbin Chamber members had the pleasure of attending Councils and RDA - Northern Rivers presentation concerning the " NBN rollout and the Digital Economy from a governance perspective". The presentation was very informative and clearly the presenters from Ipswich and Sunshine Coast Councils proved their regions are well advanced in the planning to be shovel ready for the NBN fibre optic rollout. Further information can be accessed at

In order to progress this for the Lismore Local Government Area, Mark Batten, Council’s business facilitator, indicated the initial need for a formal survey and service/reception mapping exercise at the cost of approximately $10K.

Nimbin businesses have expressed their concern about the NBN and as quoted by Dave Lambert, Director of Rainbow Power Company- "Some 30-40% of our business is web and or export related.  To compete in a world environment we need the fastest access to email, internet and telemetry that we can reasonably have.  Large systems are increasingly being monitored by the internet for routine diagnosis of faults.   It can also become an innovative marketing tool as well as for educational purposes."

The Nimbin Chamber fully supports this initiative for the mapping exercise and has encouraged Councilors support for allocation in the budget.




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