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C.H. Shipway standing near a large Redwood tree
Above: A. E. Sheather's Butter wagon
Hensen's Horse Team
Above: R. H. Smith's dairy and farm house
Ringbarked forest
Above: Banana growers displaying their produce

Nimbin Dairy and Bananas Industries
Excerpt from the book "The days and ways of old time Nimbin" by Nimbin Chamber of Commerce Inc.

The hardy pioneers of Nimbin knew if they were going to make a living from the properties, other than by selling timber, that they would have to go it alone, there would be no Government assistance as in the present society. Consequently in 1907 they canvassed the district for prospective shareholders in a dairy cooperative factory. In 1908 their dream was realised when Mrs. J Morton, one of the original pioneers of the district, was given the honor of opening the Nimbin Cooperative Dairy Company Limited.

Output from the factory was two tons of butter a week, This had to be transported to Lismore by horse drawn wagon for trans-shipment to Sydney distributors by one of the ocean going ships. The butter, delivered along the rough bush roads, suffered in comparison with butter churned at the riverside factories, then held in cold rooms until delivered into refrigerated holds of the ships.

Starting about 1930 Nimbin experienced a new wave of settlement which matched the difficulties and hardships that the original pioneers had endured; this was the arrival of Italian settlers to farm the hillside of Nimbin with banana plantations and cash vegetable crops.

The Northern Star of August 9, 1933 reported: 'Approximate figures show that at the end of June 1932, 500 acres in the Nimbin district were under bananas and at the same date this year an area covering 1500 acres is either cleared for planting or bearing the bananas.' The article went onto say that 3000 cases of bananas leave the Nimbin district monthly.