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Domes at the Aquarius Festival 1973
Above: Domes at the Aquarius Festival 1973
Terania Creek Protest, 1979
Above: Neil Pike protesting at Terania Creek, 1979

The Aquarius Legacy
Excerpt from "Nimbin & Environs, 1996 " by Mousetrap Media

In 1972, scouts from the Australian Union of Students came to the village and persuaded the Nimbin Progress Association to allow a festival to be held here. Johnny Allen, Graeme Dunstan and Paul Joseph organised a celebration of the dawning of the `Consciousness' and `Protest' movements in the heady days of the Vietnam war, free love and marijuana - a festival of discovery .... It lasted 10 days and marked a watershed in Australian popular culture. Many decided to stay and bought up the cheap land available, settling in to a new lifestyle.

Although it could be said that now Nimbin is "A Living Theatre" it remains an enigma, an energy, a process that some think could be outside the normal parameters of everyday living.

The new Settlers
After the Aquarius Festival of '73, the 'alternatives' had different problems to face but many common threads were there. Left with only a portion of the original forest, they were certainly much more careful with what remained! Twice they stood up to the Police and Authorities to save what was left at Terania Creek in 1979 and Mt. Nardi in 1982 and won out substantially.
A strong contingent of local 'Greenies' have been active ever since then, helping to save our heritage in other parts of the country - not without criticism and controversy.

However, it must be said that the population of Australia (and also overseas) are now much more aware of the issues at stake, partly due to these early protests and to the general lifestyle centred on Nimbin itself.