Nimbin Murals
on the East Side of Cullen Street

A Nimbin Public Art Story excerpt from Benny Zable

"The mural restoration 1990's project saw the Tomato Sauce building facade become the Hemp Embassy Mardi Grass Billboard. The Tomato Sauce building, converted from a general store to a food co-op during the Aquarius Festival, was painted by Vernon Treweke with the famed Tomato explosion. Elisabeth Jones painted up the facade to advertise the Hemp Mardi Grass and painted throughout the Nimbin Museum, together with Helen Rodriguez and Burris Jerome.

The Aboriginal Murals. It was in the 1990's we saw a period of Dreamtime murals painted by the Roberts family, commissioned by the Nimbin School of Arts to celebrate the International Year of Indigenous People. Alan Barker and Herbie Roberts added bits around town.

The New Millennium. Alicia Murphy commissioned by the Nimbin Hotel, painted the history of Nimbin on five panels, The Hotel sponsored the lighting up of the murals."

Bundjalung Dreamtime Story by Alicia Murphy
"Bundjalung Dreamtime Story"
by Alicia Murphy
The First Settlers by Alicia Murphy
"The First Settlers"
by Alicia Murphy
Logging the Big Scrub by Alicia Murphy
"Logging the Big Scrub"
by Alicia Murphy
Nimbin Hotel established in 1924 by Alicia Murphy
"Nimbin Hotel established in 1924"
by Alicia Murphy
1992 The First Mardi Grass by Alicia Murphy
"1992 The First Mardi Grass"
by Alicia Murphy
Bundjalung: Dreamtime Story by the Roberts Family
Bundjalung: "Dreamtime Story"
by the Roberts Family
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Bundjalung: Dreamtime Story by the Roberts Family
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Aquarius Festival in 1973 by Alicia Murphy
"Aquarius Festival in 1973"
by Alicia Murphy
1979 Protesters Falls by Alicia Murphy
"1979 Protesters Falls"
by Alicia Murphy
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