Why is Nimbin Different?
Excerpt from "Nimbin & Environs, 1996 " by Mousetrap Media
Above: Aquarius celebration Above: Chan Chan Nimbin's Style Above: Aquarius celebration

"Nimbin is powerful magic. The word has entered the language of the land and it has become a reference point in its culture. It is a word that resonates with myth and when people speak of it - either in praise or derision - the magic is speaking about them. Like a Rorschach inkspot..."
Graham Dunstan - an original 'Aquarian' in 1973.

Koori legends speak of Nimbin as a place of pilgrimage in pre-European times, and it remains an attractive centre for tourists, travelers and seekers today, both for its natural beauty and for the unique lifestyles practiced in the surrounding hinterland.
To the people who live here, the village represents freedom; a zone of sanctuary from our Modern New World Order. Nimbin has room for individual expression and an acceptance of each person as a unique being. In fact, it is a great experiment!

Nimbin offers a wealth of experiences: artists, healers, performers, environmentalists, workshops, community organizations, businesses, festivals, communities.. Nimbin is a magical place!