This connection went on to be formally recognised by both the Lismore City Council and
the Woodstock Town Board on Nov 11 1996. The Sister Village Resolution stated:
Lismore mayor Merv King, Woodstock reppresentatives Nathan Koenig and Shelli Lipton and Nimbin's Benny Zable.
Lismore mayor Merv King, Woodstock representatives Nathan Koenig and
Shelli Lipton and Nimbin's Benny Zable at a Sister Village document signing
which establishes links between Nimbin and Woodstock in the US.

Nimbin-Woodstock Sister City

In 1996 a community forum was held at the Nimbin Hall to discuss the sister village arrangement with Woodstock. The benefits of this connection were identified at this meeting and included: The opportunity to create a positive identity for Nimbin, cultural/lifestyle exchanges, boost to tourism/businesses, exchange of technologies/products, arts/student exchange, and interaction on topics such as social needs, environmental issues, educational opportunities, alternative lifestyles and community development.
(excerpt from Nimbin News Magazine, Aug/Sept 1996).

In September of 1996, David Hallet, President of the Nimbin School of the Arts and well-known poet and organiser of community and cultural events, made an official visit to Woodstock in upstate New York, USA. This visit was to assist in acknowledging the Sister Village Connection and included meetings, readings and liaison with a diversity of community, local governments, arts, education, media and business groups. The documentary Nearly Normal Nimbin was shown, providing an informative history of the unique culture of Nimbin to the Woodstock people.
(excerpt from Nimbin News Magazine Dec/Jan 1997).

Woodstok Town




Every five years, Nimbin has celebrated the anniversary of the Aquarius Festival. Thirty years on, the Nimbin Aquarius Foundation is supporting the anniversary as a regional event.

As Mayor of Lismore City Council, and on behalf of the community of Nimbin, I acknowledge the Woodstock Town Board and extend a warm welcome to the Woodstock ambassadors, to Lismore and Nimbin on the occasion of the 30th Aquarius Anniversary Celebration. Nathan Koenig and Shelli Lipton, founders of the Woodstock Museum, were instrumental in creating the sister relationship between our two famous villages.

We thank them for bringing the archives of the American alternative cultural history and presenting them to us in their unique and special way and taking our story back with them. This interchange of ideas is invaluable in fostering our sister village relationship, and we look forward to ongoing future cultural exchanges between our two famous villages.

Merv King
Mayor of Lismore






WHEREAS the people of Woodstock have a long tradition of dedication to art, music, environmental protection, peace, justice, grassroots democracy, and

WHEREAS the people of the town of Nimbin in Australia are presently living and creating an artistic local community reaching out to the greater global community, setting an example by exercising cooperative principles for the good of local people and protection of the environment, and

WHEREAS it is our belief that the people of Nimbin, Australia have been influenced by Woodstock as an alternative society reaching back as far as the music festival of 1969, which sent the idea of "Woodstock" to the far ends of the earth, and have the inalienable right to create a society, living their dreams and visions, meeting basic human needs, and based on grassroots democracy, and

WHEREAS the people of Nimbin have shown the determination to exists and exercise their right to self-government, creativity and goodwill, and

WHEREAS the people of the Town of Woodstock can learn and exchange culture, celebrations, environmental information, ideas, products, education, and people with the town of Nimbin as both communities continue to build communities of cooperation, sharing and harmony.

the Town of Woodstock that:

1) The Town Board of Woodstock proclaims the Town of Woodstock a sister city of Nimbin , Australia .

On behalf of the people of Woodstock , the Supervisor will send a letter to Nimbin extending the sister city affiliation.

3) The Woodstock Town Board encourages the people of Woodstock to enter into mutual support with the people of Nimbin in our quest for common goals.

Supervisor Kellogg AYE
Councilwoman Schechter AYE
Councilman Hughes AYE
Councilwoman Wilber AYE
Councilwoman Heilbrunn AYE

The above is a true and exact copy of a resolution passed by the Town Board of the Town of Woodstock at a meeting held on January 9, 1996.

Date 1/11/96
Katherine M. Anderson
Town Clerk


Lismore and Nimbin Village
Dancing under the Rainbow